I am an urban, street-style, fashion photographer.

Born and raised in France, my father introduced me to art and photography at a young age and it immediately became a passion of mine. I later developed an affinity for fashion photography and aesthetics through my father’s photographers’ books, and fashion magazines I stole from my mother

Since then, I have developed my creative thinking continuously and started my career in international advertising agencies such as TBWA, as a Digital Project Manager, Content Producer and Digital Consultant. These experiences were a significant influence that allowed me to develop and refine my skills as a creative strategist and content producer for leading brands.

After that, during a year-round trip around the world, I developed an obsession with street photography, natural light, colorful photographs, and staging.

Naturally, I started my career as a photographer by mixing these elements: street photography, architecture, and fashion, thus defining my own staging vision and passion for natural lighting.